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Delicate Tonic Lotion

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With Calendula extract, for all skin types

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This fresh, gentle liquid lotion is the perfect solution to daily skin cleansing even for dry skin. It tones, refreshes and deeply hydrates, leaving the skin radiant, firm and smooth. It revives and moisturizes the complexion, enhancing its glow and preparing the skin to receive the benefits of further treatment.


Extracts of Rose centifolia, Witch Hazel, Calendula, Chamomile and Apple.


Every morning and/or evening gently pat on face, neck and décolleté that have been perfectly cleansed using Locherber’s Gentle Cleansing Lotion. Leave to dry and work into the skin and do not remove.


150 ml bottle in box.

  • Nickel tested
  • Finished product not tested on animals
  • Dermatologically tested

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Dimensions 120 x 80 x 120 cm