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Innovative treatment preventing hair loss

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TRICOX is a dietary supplement with minerals, vitamins, amino acids, plants and derivatives.

An innovative treatment preventing hair loss; this product is available in form of tablets, gel capsules and capsules an is especially developped to fight excessive hair loss and to encourage natural re-growth, for full and vital hair.

Thanks to its active ingredients, Tricox acts in various way in synergy, strengthening roots and scalp, stimulating peripheric skin circulation oft the scalp and oxygenating and vitalising the bulbs. This new version presented as enteric-coated pellets, creates an improved bioavailability of the active ingredients and therefore a reduced expulsion of bulbs responsible for hair loss.

Tricox helps to normalise the production of sebo and dandruff, to promote microcirculation and to improve the production of Keratin. Furthermore, it reduces the action of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductas, mainly responsible for baldness, thus stimulating and prolonging the Anagen phase.

Pack of cardboard with 20 capsules, 20 tablets, 20 gel capsules

HOW TO USE: to be used in case of anomalous loss of hair, as well as to encourage re-growth.

1 tablet in the morning, 1gel capsule at lunch, 1 capsule at dinner; to be swallowed with water.

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