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Dietary supplement with L-cysteine and pantothenic acid.
180 x 835 mg gel capsules

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A dietary supplement in gel capsules to nourish the hair and at the same time strengthen nails. 
It contains sulphuric amino acids, Vitamin E, Equisetum, Keratin, Calcium Pantothenate containing Vitamin B, extract of Golden Millet and Wheat Germ oil and acts from within protecting the hair, encouraging natural growth, strengthening the roots, improving scalp oxygenation and fighting excess grease and hair loss.Does not contain derivatives of mineral origin
No preservatives.
Does not contain colourings of synthetic origin
GMO free
Does not contain added metals


For brittle hair and nails.
Take 2 capsules a day, before or during meals, with water. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. 
This product should not replace a varied diet.Soya oil, Millet extract, L-Cysteine, Wheat germ oil (0.25% in Vitamin E), L-Methionine, extract of Equisetum, Lethicin, Keratin, Calcium Pantothenate.

Blister pack of 180 x 835 mg gel capsules

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